Golf MK6/A6 (2008–2012)

Steering wheel covers for Volkswagen Golf MK6/A6 (2008–2012) made from leather.

Custom made leather steering wheel covers for Volkswagen Golf MK6/A6 (2008–2012) that fit perfectly on Golf steering wheel.

Our leather steering wheel covers are made to order which guarantees tailored fit on your Volkswagen Golf MK6/A6 (2008–2012) steering wheel.

High quality leather steering wheel covers for the Volkswagen Golf MK6/A6 (2008–2012) cars sold around the world. Our steering wheel covers for Volkswagen Golf are made to order, and are tailored for Volkswagen Golf MK6/A6 steering wheel circumference. We use high quality natural 100% real leather, and you can select your colours that will suit your Volkswagen interior. Find out how to fit your Volkswagen Golf MK6/A6 steering wheel cover with our detailed DIY video instructions.

Buy high quality leather steering wheel cover for your Volkswagen Golf MK6/A6 car, get yourself comfortable behind your new custom made steering wheel of Volkswagen Golf.

Don’t buy these made in China universal steering wheel covers, they don’t fit, and don’t look good on your Volkswagen Golf MK6/A6 steering wheel, our leather steering wheel covers aren’t universal, and there made specifically for the Volkswagen Golf MK6/A6 cars, and they also look good, and feel good.  

Golf MK6/A6 (2008–2012)

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