How to fix BMW 3 Series sticky interior door handles
Easily repair BMW melting door handles in 30 minutes.

Your BMW interior door handles are sticky, they are melting, they leave a black residue on your hands, or maybe you just want to improve the look of your car interior to stand out, then this video tutorial is for you. We will show you how you can mend the door handles using leather cover which has been designed to fit perfectly on your BMW 3 Series (2004-2012) 5th generation E90/ E91, E92 & M3 interior door handles.

This video shows the installation of the leather cover on inner door handle of the BMW 3 Series E90/ E91, they also fit on the BMW 3 Series E92 and E93 including sedan/saloon, touring/wagon, coupe and convertible. This method will work for models like BMW 316d, 318d, 320d, 320i, 325d, 325i, 328i, 330d, 330i, 335d, 335i, 340d, 340i & M3.

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Thread a needle
Cut about 3 metres of the lacing cord, then thread the needle.
Black door handle cover leather BMW 3 Series
Apply sticky tape
Apply the tape to the upper end of the door handle, this step is not required, but it helps to keep the cover in place.
Carbon fibre leather cover for BMW 3 Series
Mount leather cover on the door handle
Install the cover on the interior door handle, make sure that the edges allign with the door handle edges.
Beige cover for bmw 3 series
Stitch the leather cover edges
Start sewing the cover edges, you can stitch by every stitch eye, or by every second stitch eye.
Watch our other videos to see different stitch patterns.
Blue leather cover bmw 3 series
Apply the tape to the bottom of the door handle
When you reach the middle of the door handle, apply the sticky tape to the lower part of the handle.
Warning: Sticky tape can damage the rubber coating if peeled off.
Grey leather cover BMW 3 Series e90 e91
Adjust the stitch level
One of the edges of the leather cover is shorter that the second one, that’s why we have to level up the stitch on both sides, you can re-use one of the previously used stitch.
You have to repeat this step several times.
M3 Door handle cover BMW 3 Series Msport
Continue sewing the leather
Carry on sewing until you reach the end of the stitches, tie a knot to secure the lacing cord.
Genuine brown interior leather cover BMW 3 E90
Push in excess leather into gaps
Use some plastic card to push the overlapping leather into the gaps around the door handle.
Use the plastic provided with the sewing thread.
Sport carbon fibre leather cover for BMW 3 Series
Enjoy your new door handle cover
Red door handle cover for BMW 3 Series

Selecting the correct door handle cover

We sell covers for left and right BMW interior door handles, they will fit both the LHD (Left Hand Drive) and RHD (Right Hand Drive) vehicles.

Imagine that you are sitting inside your car, the door on your left side you will need the left door handle leather cover, and for the door on your right side, you will need the right door handle cover.

Buy leather inner door handle covers for your BMW E90 E91, E92, M3 on our website here: Interior Leather Covers for Door Handle

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