BMW X5 E53 Interior Door Handle Leather Cover - Installation Video

Quick and easy DIY repair of the sticky interior door handles in the BMW X5 E53.

The video shows how to install the leather cover on the interior door handles in the BMW X5 (E53 First Generation). These leather covers are designed to perfectly wrap the door handles, it is ideal solution to repair damaged and deteriorated interior pull handles.

This video show how to install the cover for the front door handle, the same method applies to the rear door handles which are slightly different in shape In the BMW X5 E53, that is why it is important to correctly select the door handles side.

After preparing the sewing thread and needle, use the sticky tape on the upper part of the door handle so that the cover doesn’t move during the installation.

Place the cover around the upper part of the door handle, make sure that cover touches the leather on the door card, and that the edges of the leather cover meet together when wrapped around. The sewing line should be aligned with the little gap on the door handle.

Once happy with the alignment start sewing, dependably on your preference you can sew it by every stitch eye, or every other one or third. Our other videos show how each kind of stitch looks like so make sure to watch our other videos, or product pictures to decide which type of sewing prefer visually.

While sewing, it’s required to level up the sewing line, especially around the curves of the door handle, just skip one gap, on one of the sides of the leather, the video shows how to do it.

Once you reach the middle part, install the sticky tape at the bottom of the door handle, and try to align, and smoother the leather so that it wraps nicely around the door handle, leather should not have wrinkles on the inner or outer side.

Once you reach the bottom of the handle, knot the thread under the leather, and the push the excess leather into the gap between the door handle, and the door card.

We also have instructions for other BMW models such as 3 Series, 4 Series, 5 Series, X5 & X6 E70 and others, make sure to check our YouTube channel, or go to the "Do It Yourself" videos category on our website.

Please follow our video instructions exactly in order to achieve the best, and beautiful effect.